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John Wayne - Signature Series Architecture

Dan Joseph Architects is known for designing landscapes and authentic works of architecture that perfectly reflect the drama of the American West.  You can feel the water cascading over rocky falls while viewing a picture of a rustic mountain home sitting upon the very edge of a pristine pond.  Once experienced, it becomes impossible to imagine this western dwelling inseparable from the beauty of a place that was intentionally created to nurture it.

As one of the unwavering truths of creative achievement, great works call upon significant sources of inspiration.  Ansel Adams best known for his black and white photos was certainly inspired by the National Parks he so dearly loved; for CM Russell, dreams of an exciting life as a Cowboy was known to influence his 4,000 pieces of art and a personal philosophy. For many others...John Wayne personifies the rugged west; and perhaps better than any other, echoes a public sentiment that character and gritty determination is valued above all else.

At Dan Joseph Architects, western design is about defining the unspoken and turning imagination into reality; it’s about an emphasis of subject and form, telling a story with the landscape and architecture that embraces bold and compelling themes.

Visually, weathered wood conveys truth and honesty, worn leather in testament of perseverance and determination...and lichen covered stone as a significant expression of enduring permanence; John Wayne amplified these attributes with tremendous effect.  Structures and properties designed and developed by Dan Joseph Architects utilizing John Wayne Enterprises exclusive endorsement, will be inspired by historical, biographical and the monumental film career of John Wayne the man.

Project Themes: Resorts, Camps, Boutique Hotels, Private Residences, Franchise Facilities and Structures; interested parties of this special opportuntiy may contact Dan Joseph Architects at: info@djawest.com for further information.

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